I think we all know Kevin (the mermaid) is the real winner here, but as runners-up to the night, here are the top three smoothest bands from Smooth Sailing 2, as voted by you on Friday:

  1. 1st Place: Aunts & Uncles
  2. 2nd Place: The Greff Band
  3. 3rd Place: Dan Moxon

The Prizes:

Sewells Marina

The first place prize is a boat rental from the awesome marina out at Horeshoe Bay, Sewell’s Marina. Second place prize is a night at the hotel above the Biltmore Cabaret, and the third place prize is a collection of the smoothest Vinyl, thanks to Vintage Media (Main st. and 12th Ave). Congratulations guys, we’ll get in touch to deliver the goods.

Thanks again to all of the bands (and friends of bands) who participated, it was a blast. If anyone has some photos or video of the night, please contact us so we can post it! (follow us on twitter for updates)


What a perfectly sunny day to sail the seas of smoothitude! Come to the Biltmore tonight for pina coladas, margaritas, mermaids, kiddie pools and smooth music! We’ll be screening all 12 episodes of Yacht Rock starting at 8pm, followed by performances from Edo Van Breemen (Brasstronaut) with Fine Mist, The Greff Band, Minto, Dan Moxon (Bend Sinister), Aunts & Uncles, Weekend Leisure, Kidnap Kids, Chris-a-Riffic / Bible Belts, Katie GoGo, Vincent Parker, Tape Moss, and Louise Burns. How could you miss that?

YouTube Preview Image

Tickets are only $12 and you can still get them last minute here, or at the door.

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September 3, 20108:00 pm
@ The Biltmore CabaretFacebook Event

Hard to believe an entire year has gone by since our last smooth sailing, yacht rocking event. I hope you all kept the fire, and are ready to sail away once again. Friday September 3rd, make sure you show up at the Biltmore Cabaret for our 2nd annual Smooth Sailing event! 12 bands, $12 bucks, great theatrics and delicious margaritas!

Smooth Sailing 2009 - Photo by Noah Adams

Smooth Sailing last year – debauchery at the end of the night. Photo: Noah Adams

For any of you that missed it last year, Smooth Sailing is 12 local Vancouver bands of all genres doing their renditions of “really smooth music” and “yacht rock” (all the tacky brilliant 70′s & 80′s soft rock ballads you can think of – Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Toto, Hall & Oates, Foreigner, etc..) Here’s a good place to start:

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the lineup so far:

Tickets available at Scratch, Red Cat, Zulu and you can buy them online here. Get them quick – we were a packed house last year!

July 11, 20108:00 pm
@ The Media ClubFacebook Event

Taking a break from their ongoing tour with Liars, Asthmatic Kitty recording artists Fol Chen from Highland Park CA will be playing the Media Club on July 11th with locals Fine Mist and Babe Rainbow.

YouTube Preview Image

Doors at 8. Tickets $13 are available at Scratch, Red Cat, Zulu and online at TicketWeb.


Here’s the second batch of photos from The Tallest Man on Earth and Nurses show at St. James Hall last week. All of these awesome photos were taken by Missy Shana. We’ve broken them into two posts, so make sure you check out this post for the first half.

Check out a bunch more photos of Nurses and The Tallest Man on Earth here »


Thanks everyone for coming out to St. James Hall last week to see Nurses (from Portland) and The Tallest Man on Earth for his first concert in Vancouver! It was a sold out show but we still managed to squeeze in some last minute tickets at the door. For anyone that missed the show here a few photos to recap the night. Hopefully we’ll see these two bands back in Vancouver very soon.

All of these awesome photos were taken by Missy Shana. We’ve broken them into two posts, so make sure you check out post #2 for the rest.

Crowd waiting for The Tallest Man on Earth

Check out a bunch more photos of The Tallest Man on Earth here »

April 17, 20108:45 pm
@ The Western FrontFacebook Event

So we’ve been taking it easy for a while, trying to gather ourselves, but now we’re back; and oh how. Saturday April 17th, we’ve got Montreal’s Courtney Wing playing at The Western Front in support of his new album “Bouquet of Might and Fury”. An artist of this caliber in a room this stunning is a damn safe bet on it’s own. The supporting cast will be local gems E.S.L. and Attics and Cellars. If your not familiar with these them, then you really ought come find out for yourself. Watch this to get an idea what you’re in store for. YouTube Preview Image

“Courtney Wing is a living illustration of modern Canadian multiculturalism. Born to a Chinese father and a Russian/Icelandic mother, Wing has played traditional Chinese percussion, sung with members of his hometown’s Icelandic folk community, played with a reggae band in Belize and danced flamenco in the south of France. “

Read what Exclaim! had to say about Courtney Wing »

February 20, 20108:00 pm
@ The Western FrontFacebook Event

This event has absolutely nothing to do with the OIympics. This event will be intimate and memorable. Luyas (members of the Bell Orchestre), from Montreal, play the Western Front on Saturday Feb 20th with locals Aunts and Uncles and Rose Melberg’s new band Brave Irene.

You will thank yourself for indulging in this beautiful reprieve from chaos!

February 28, 20108:00 pm
@ The Railway ClubFacebook Event

This is something that we’ve tried and failed to do before. Finally it has happened. We’ve managed to get Headlights to play Vancouver. This is exciting for us, and exciting for them too, as they will then begin their tour with Pedro the Lion’s David Bazan. Sadly David will not be coming to Vancouver, but these Illinois born gems will be playing the Railway Club on Feb 28th (last day of the Olympics!)
YouTube Preview Image
Just to sweeten the deal, we’ve got Blank Cinema and Shane Turner Overdrive playing the bill too.

Tickets available at Scratch, Red Cat, Zulu and Ticketweb

Buy Headlights Tickets online at Ticketweb

May 12, 20108:00 pm
@ St. JamesFacebook Event

I once read on another blog, “calling someone the best songwriter since Dylan is about as original as listening to MGMT”. Humorous and poignant, yes. However, The Tallest Man on Earth is certainly doing a good job of making people seem unoriginal. In support of his third album, The Wild Hunt, he will be playing St. James Hall on May 12th.

The proof is in the pudding:

YouTube Preview Image

Now how original do you feel? Tickets are available at Zulu, Scratch, Red Cat and Ticketweb this Friday.

Read more about The Tallest Man on Earth here… »